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 YEARS:  2012 & 2013!!!!
                        face to face!
                                  It's time to take care of YOU!
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I've always believed, one cannot truly take care & love others until one truly learns how to take care & love themselves!  
It is true that we all need that pampering, good conversation, and loving therapeutic touch in order to be that pampering, good conversation, and loving therapeutic touch to others around us.           
Question is...
Do YOU believe that "YOU" are 'WORTH' that 
pampering in order to, 
those closest to you?
Do you realize that in order to be a voice 
 of encouragement to others.....YOU,
 must first be encouraged
and be "filled up" on encouragement
to be effective? 
YOU MUST!       
We can only be that to others what we find
                  in ourselves first!                     
It goes back to that ancient; yet, wise proverb that says we must
first take the log out of our own eye in order to help those around us take the log out of theirs.
Along with one of the
most innovative,
California quality
skin care lines,
"SERENE SERENDIPITY: face to face" 
is focused on providing:
  • high-quality peaceful pampering
  • wholesome customer service satisfaction
  • a serene and soothing atmosphere
  • truly affordable price that will leave your skin feeling baby silky smooth, younger looking, and relinquished, with a vibrant glow!  
With a variety of
 offerings to choose from, 
I'm sure you won't regret the experience. Look around the website and if you have any comments, questions, or would like to book an appointment, please feel free to call me up
and request a
personal appointment 
tranquilly customed
just for you!
I, JAZZ, will personally do everything I can to meet your expectations and to spoil you to the fullest! Allow "SERENE SERENDIPITY: face to face" to whiz you away from your daily grind to bless you with your inner-find! Help me to help you....I await your call!
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